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My TeleKit rocker was made with a double thickness bottom. Pockets were routed into the base to reduce weight while leaving strength. These pockets presented a problem when I added a ServoCAT to the scope. The azimuth drive motor needs to be installed on a smooth, flat, solid surface. I first needed to fill in two of the pockets in the rocker where the azimuth drive would be installed. I then needed to cover the filled pockets with a flat, uniform surface.

I decided to make plugs out of 3/4" birch plywood to fill two rocker base holes. I prepared an AutoCAD drawing of the inside of the rocker, made a template of the pockets, and then traced out the pocket onto 3/4" plywood. The two plugs are sketched on the plywood on the left below. On the 1/8" model aircraft plywood sheets in the middle and on the right, I have traced out a triangular platform to add to the rocker that the CAT controller would sit on, as well as a cover for the two plywood pocket plugs.