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MallinCam Video CCD Observational System

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2" Internal Heat Dissipater/Adapter

Shown installed on a MallinCam Color HYPER PLUS (Not Included)

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ! The 2" Heat Dissipater/Adapter was initially developed for use on Newtonian telescopes where in-focus travel is limited. It slips over the 1.25" Deluxe Adapter, MFR-5, or MFR-3 and is held in place using a recessed Allen Screw. It allows the MallinCam to rack in about 1/4" more than when standard adapters are used. It also act as a heat dissipator. The Allen wrench needed to tighten the Allen screw is included. It can be used in all 2" focusers - SCT, RC, Refractor, Newtonian, etc.

$89.95 USD


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