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MallinCam Video CCD Observational System

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MallinCam 8" High Resolution Monitor


The New MALLINCAM 8" High Resolution Monitor is now here! It features a lightweight design and is ready to mount on top of your MALLINCAM Video CCD camera.

The New 8" High Resolution monitor comes with a light shade that is attached to its edges with Velcro. The light shade is easily removed.

iPhone Images of the 9" Speco and the MallinCam 8" Hi Definition Monitor. The Speco and MallinCam 8" monitors were being fed the same s-video signal via an amplified splitter. However, the signal going to the MallinCam 8" monitos was also passed through the HDMI Upscaler.

The New MALLINCAM 8" monitor includes everything you need.

* 8 Inch Monitor

* Light shade shield

* 120VAC power supply

* 12VDC car adapter

* Mount with 14"x20 Ball swivel

* Dual composite input for two camera use and switching

* HDMI input

* HDMI Cable included

* VGA input

* Design for astronomical MALLINCAM Video CCD cameras.

* A perfect Match for the MALLINCAM HDMI Upscaler available as an option.

* In stock Now!


$199.99USD Introductory Price

$279.99USD Retail Price


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