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MallinCam Video CCD Observational System

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Digital View Finder (DVF)

NEW !!!

The New MALLINCAM DVF is a special Digital View Finder compatible with all astronomical video CCD cameras. It includes the MALLINCAM HDMI upscaler/converter with HDMI output . The DVF includes a 3.5 inch 800X480 pixel LCD LED High Resolution screen that allows operation of a MallinCam Video CCD camera just like an eyepiece - but in full color. The MALLINCAM DVF will enhance the image's stability, provide better resolution and allow using an astronomical video CCD camera ajacent to other observers at star parties who would object to the light being emitted by a bright monitor. The DVF has an HDMI loop output that allows the video signal to be utilized by an additional monitor or projector.

The DVF is IDEAL for solar observing as the monitor is shielded from direct sunlight. The shield and lens can be lifted allowing the 3.5" high resolution monitor to be observed directly.


The DVF can be tilted for comfort while observing. NOTE: The camera in the image is not included. It is shown as an example of how the DVF can be installed on a MallinCam.

Magnets are used to hold the monitor shield and lens assembly out of the way when direct viewing of the 3.5" screen is desired. NOTE: Camera not included.

The shield and lens assembly can be removed to allow monitor use only. NOTE: Camera not included.

* Adjustable rubber shade eye patch

* HDMI input and output

* Support 1920X1080 HD Video Display

* Can be connected from your Laptop through the HDMI out of your computer

* Multiple position hot shoe placement allowing full viewing angle.

* Mountable on User Supplied tripod

* Short cut buttons for B&W, Color, RGB and monochrome display.

* RED display selectable for preserving night vision

* GREEN display selectable for deep sky faint object viewing

* Cross Center Marker

* Image 16:9 or 4:3 selectable (4:3 recommended)

* Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Tint, Saturation and Color Temperature selectable

Comes complete with the MALLINCAM HDMI Upscaler/Converter, HDMI cable, 120VAC power supply, 12VDC car adapter, monitor to camera holder, Instructions.

Available Now! in stock.


$399.99USD Introductory Price (Limited Time)

$499.99USD Regular Price


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