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MallinCam Video CCD Observational System

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MallinCam MFR-6 Focal Reducer

The MFR-6 is a mild 0.8X Focal Reducer/Corrector turning a 811 X 510 CCD sensor effectively into a 1013 X 637 CCD sensor. It can be used on all cameras with 1/2 " and 1/3" sensors. It increase image sharpness making stars more pinpoint. It works on all telescopes for Deep Sky, Lunar, Planetary, andSolar (with proper solar filter) observing, and it alsocan be use with any Barlows. It turns an F/10 SCT into an F/8. It also acts as a CCD Sensor chamber sealer. It is installed directly onto the brass ring on the MallinCam and the 1.25" eyepiece adapter supplied with the MallinCam is screwed onto it to provide enough length to secure the MallinCam in the focuser. It is designed and manufactured in Canada by MallinCam.

MFR-6 $139.99 USD

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