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MallinCam Video CCD Observational System

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MALLINCAM introduces something new and exciting to the world of astronomical instruments not previously released by anyone - the MallinCam MICRO-EX Combo . Add a tracking mount and monitor and one had a complete video observational system. Mount it in parallel with an existing telescope and it can be used as a deluxe Video Finder.

The Combo Kit includes a MallinCam VRC-6 (a 6" Ritchey Chretien optical tube enhanced for video CCD work) and a MallinCam MICRO-EX Video CCD Camera. The optical tube is metal, fully baffled and comes with a Vixen style dove tail mounting plate, a two speed 2" focuser with 1.25" adapter, and three focuser spacer rings to allow the use of other cameras and accessories. The mirror is made of BK7 optical glass with 1/12 wave performance and aluminized to 93% reflectivity. The scope is f/9. The New MallinCam MICRO-EX Combo provides enough light gathering power to capture faint, elusive to the eyepiece targets. The MallinCam MICRO-EX Combo is compatible with other optional MallinCam accessories such as Barlows, focal reducers, IR filters, MCV-1, etc.

The Combo Kit also includes a MallinCam MICRO-EX - a small video CCD camera capable of exposures ranging from 1/100,000 th second to 17 seconds. The VRC-6 and camera are a perfect match and will allow a beginner to get their first Video CCD experience at a reasonable price. This package is offered only by MALLINCAM, The Authority In Video Astronomy

The New MALLINCAM MICRO SYSTEM is a complete kit where the user has to supply his or her own motorized mount. With today's new technology available there are numerous low cost mounts ideal for this type of setup making it possible to explore the night sky in color and live.

Included with the MALLINCAM MICRO SYSTEM is a fully baffled optical system offering the best possible way to obtain high contrast live images from any sites a user choose to observe from.

The New MallinCam MICRO-EX video CCD camera has been custom made to our specifications. Improvements incorporated include:

- Full heat shield over the main board to keep heat away from the Plastic CCD sensor and reduce hot pixels

- 1/3 inch 960H EXview HAD II CCD Sensor

- 700 TVL Processor with output through a BNC 75 Ohms output

- Pre-Wired RS-485 Port

- DSP/CPU reprogrammed for astronomical values

- CCD sensor bias reprogrammed for astronomical quality and sensitivity

- MALLINCAM MICRO-EX COMBO includes VRC-6, MICRO-EX, 1.25" Adapter, 25' Power/Composite Video Cable and 120VAC to 12VDC Regulated Power Supply.

The Rear section of the camera has five push buttons for easy access to the menu.

A RED pilot light is included to prevent loss of night vision of the user.

The camera is very light in weight due to its all Aluminum construction making it ideal for a Video CCD Finder System or to allow a beginner to get their first experience into the world of live video CCD observation.

The camera body is also available for purchase separately (camera body only) or as the MICRO-EX DELUXE with1.25" adapter, video/power cable and AC power supply.


Camera features

- OSD: Allowing full camera menu control

- Sony's most sensitive EXview HAD II CCD sensor in a 1/3" format exceeding that of their

competitors by more than 40%.

- ICX672AKA Sensor with micro lens Technology.

- 960H WDR sensor Technology

- Stacking Mode is standard for up to 85 seconds frame average on the fly.

- 32 Bit DSP Micro Processor.

- Now includes RS 485 ready rear socket camera control.

- High Resolution: Up to 700 lines resolution in B/W mode and 650 in Color even in low light


- 3D-DNR: Variable Digital Noise Reduction shows less "ghost" phenomenon on moving objects with less noise Produce critical image with less noise under low light condition. In camera image averaging up to 85 seconds when set to 5 frame stacking (NTSC)

- WDR: Combines two fields which high shutter speed exposure are taking in bright light and low shutter exposure into one composite image to help see dark parts and bright parts of a image. This feature can extend shutter speed above 17 seconds without saturation. A MallinCam unique system.

- HLI: Electronic coronagraph blocking bright light and leaving dimmer area lit.

- Day and Night: provide clear images in low light condition. Allow black and white mode and color mode automatically or can be set in either mode manually.

- AGC: AGC circuit automatically adjust the incoming signal to proper level. Improves performance in low light condition by increasing sensitivity. Extra gain has been made possible only in the MallinCam MICRO video ccd camera not found on competitors.

- ATW: Auto adjust the white balance or can be adjusted manual.

- BLC: Ability to balance faint object with bright object.

- Full GAMMA selection of 0.3, 0.45, 0.6 and 1.0 range.

- Mirror Function allows image orientation to suite any telescopes.

- Sharpness Control.

- 5.0 ounces! (141 grams)

- And more!


MALLINCAM MICRO SYSTEM COMBO Including VRC 6 Ritchey-Chretien optical tube, MALLINCAM MICRO Video CCD Camera complete with AC power supply, 25 feet video/power cable, 1.25" threaded eyepiece adapter:

$599.99 US funds


$99.99 US funds

MALLINCAM MICRO-EX VIDEO CCD CAMERA DELUXE body including 1.25" eyepiece adapter, AC power supply, 25 feet video/power cable and BNC to RCA adapter:

$169.99 US Funds

AVAILABLE NOW for Immediate Delivery!

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