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Welcome to Waning Moon II


Jack Huerkamp

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Waning Moon was the name of my observatory in New Orleans East, seen in the photograph below. It contained a homemade 12 1/2' fiberglass dome on top of an 11' square building. Initially it housed a 6" f/15 Jaegers refractor on a Cave Astrola mount. This setup was later replaced with an 8" f/15 Coulter Cassegrain riding on a Byers 812 mount.

My new observatory in Pearl River, Louisiana is complete and is named Waning Moon II in rememberance of my first observatory. It was going to be a roll-off roof structure containing the 8" Cassegrain and Byers 812 mount on a permanent pier, but I ended up going with an ExploraDome II 11' 6" dome. There is an adjacent observing area next to the observatory upon which I will use my 17.5" AstroSystems Telekit. The TeleKit is equipped with a ServCAT to allow for automatic locating and tracking of celestial objects.

Three amateur astronomers with observatories on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain appeared in the January/February issue of Inside Northside magazine. My observatory, Waning Moon II was one of them. Here is a link to the article:



MallinCam All Sky Camera - Live From Waning Moon II Observatory



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