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AstroSystems TeleKit

This section provides detailed photographs and coments on the processes involved in assembling a TeleKit. Each link below will bring you to a photo album for the particular topic. The pages are arranged from the ground up - from the Groundboard to the Upper Assembly, that is.

In addition to the construction of the TeleKit, I have made several additions to enhance its usefulness during observing sessions. The "TeleKit Modifications" section provides information on the fabrication of a laptop table and a tag-along battery box. The ServoCAT section contains step-by-step information on what is involved in installing one onto a TeleKit. The latest addition to the scope was the use of BlueTooth technology to link its ServoCAT drive system to my laptop wirelessly. I now am able to control the scope remotely using SkyTools Real Time. I obtained the USB to Serial Male BT devices from AIRCables (www.aircable.net).

Finally, at the bottom of this page is a link to a visit my wife, Jacqueline, and I made to Astrosystems in the summer of 2000. It shows the work involved in preparing the pieces that compose a TeleKit.

Parts Sorting

Groundboard Assembly

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Mirror Cell Assembly

Truss Tube Assembly

Altitude Bearing Assembly

QuickSwitch Assembly

Upper Tube Assembly

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