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I sold my home in New Orleans East in 1992, and abandoned the 12 1/2' fiberglass domed observatory named Waning Moon I had constructed there. I had neither the time nor the money to remove it. Ever since then, I have wanted another observatory because of the convenience they afford. Not having to move a telescope from inside the house and set it up every time the weather cooperated resulted in more frequent observing sessions.Above is the text from the plaque prepared for the dedication party held on December 19, 1981. They were prepared by Remy Bosio, a long time member of the Pontchartrain Astronomy Society.

Below are links to photo albums on the various sets taken to construct Waning Moon.

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Waning Moon Framing

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Waning Moon Dome Fiberglass Work

Waning Moon - Completed

Having had the "fun" of building a domed observatory; I have decided to forgo that "pleasure" this time around. Instead, I will be constructing a 12'X16' roll-off roof observatory to house my 8" Classical Cassegrain and Byers 812 mount. Adjacent to the observatory will be a 16'X16' paved observing area with 9' tall light baffle walls. It will be used for observing with my 17.5" AstroSystems TeleKit containing a 1981 vintage Coulter primary. The light baffle walls are necessary even though the nearest neighbor's house is over 300' away. Invariable tthey turn on all of their outside lights whenever the skies clear up and I take out a scope. Waning Moon's dedication plaque will be hung in Waning Moon II.

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